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Dr.Vikram Saraswat (MBBS,MD Pathology) completed his education from Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur. He did his Thesis and Research work on “Co-relation between Colposcopic, Cytological and  Histo pathological findings in Patients with Cervical Cancer” during his Post-graduation. He presented a Research Paper and various Seminars on “Liquid Based Cytology”, a recent development in the field of Pathology

Quality Policy :-

Dr. Saraswat Path Labs is committed to provide high levels of Quality and accuracy in our testing and reporting. To achieve this we have installed the latest range of Equipment and the most Advanced reporting Software in our Lab. Dr. Saraswat Path Labs is currently using the "DUAL REVIEW SCREENING SYSTEM" of reporting test Results. Dr. saraswat Path Labs confirms that all tests have been carried out with reasonable care,clinical safety and technical integrity.

Conditions of Reporting:-

Individual laboratory investigations should not be considered as conclusive and should be used along with other relevant clinical examinations to achieve the final diagnosis. Therefore these reports results are for the information of referring clinician only. The test Result are to be used for help id diagnosing / treating medical disease & not for forensic applications. Hence these results can not be used for medico-legal purpose.